Hi,  welcome to 9jaStories.Com.
My name is Ollanrewaju Miichaell.
On the 23rd March 2015, 13:47pm this wonderful site was created  Out of boredom. 
Not sure if the site would turn out to be a great site in future but sure i have vision and mission for the site or should i say i would think of one one soon enough..
I just want to have place where i can dump my everyday life stories and my that of my friends also.  I believe life is a story and we all need to learn from it.  Please dont be too expectant of the site to produce fresh news or entertainment, for now i just want to start with 9ja stories, true life stories, sex stories,  religious stories and some articles.

I Thank wordpress for giving me this opportunity to express myself.

All stories i would upload here are not necessarily written by me,  some migth be copy and paste with small editing though.

My main site is unigoss.wordpress.com

Author Bio:

Name: olanrewaju michael
Nick:    Ghost / S. M. G
BBM PIN: 5934C760
FACEBOOK: olanrewaju michael
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/9jastory
Twitter: @itz_miichaell
Blog twitter: @9jastories
Instagram: 9jastories.com
Gmail+:  apata miichaell
Gmail: Gllobalguru@gmail.com


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