9ja_issues: in love with a jobless bae


I’m a lady of 28years, I really need your candid advice on what to do. I have a boyfriend who’s 30years, we’ve been dating for some time now and there’s been ups and down. One thing I notice about him is that he has non-challant attitude towards me and when I complain about it he always apologizes to me.

Lately I got fed up and poured out my mind about the next level of our relationship and he was very sober and told me that he doesn’t think he should be in a relationship because he going through a lot and not balanced (he’s jobless and squats with friends). But shouldn’t we go through this together?. Mind you i’m not a demanding person.
I don’t understand why he’s trying to shut me out. I asked if he wanted a break-up & he said it was a space but if I think I can cope we can still continue that after all he isn’t complaining. Please, admin & dear sub’s what do u advise I do?

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Full extract from.  BBM: C0031369C


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