9ja_issues: Your instincts


I am a lady in my mid 20s. There is this guy I love though. We met during service (NYSC). We started dating, then I found out he has another girlfriend who happens to be someone I knew. I didn’t let that get to me cus I loved him. We were cool, we stay in the same lodge. One day, the other girl came around for weekend and I was around.

I acted normal as if everything was fine but deep down within me I was terribly hurt. The guy traveled for close to 3months, while he was away I had fling with another guy cus we were not in good terms then. So wen he came back, my conscience was pricking me and I told him all that happened wen he wasn’t around.
He flared up and I started begging him. He accepted my apology and we continued dating. He is a very nice guy and he loves me but i’m afraid. He has an ex. who still likes him and still wants to get back with him. Truth be told, he doesn’t give that one face and the other girl too keeps calling. He even goes out to call the girl whenever am around. I need ur candid advice.
I have this odd feeling that probably because we stay in the same House, that he is just using me to while away time. I love him so much. I don’t want to be an option to someone I take as a priority.

The End

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  1. At this time of our human evolution and societal awkwardness, it doesn’t have to be rocket science to see the hand-writing on the wall. A man who keeps you in domicile reach but flings with an old flame is confused or just a player. Love isn’t stupid so you can’t make yourself a second choice. Every relationship must be of mutual proactiveness where both parties express the same mutual intensity and togetherness. Such a man is a player and such a woman who serves as a resident partner is stupid. Love is focused and relationships mutually exclusive so if this isn’t the case for whatever reason or happenstance, then discretion should be subscribed. The principles of love and relationships serve as the mirror to know when to abandon ship or sail with the wind. Good graces.


  2. kind of confuse cos d guy might b using u wen he really still has a tin for his ex might b pretending u no


  3. According to your words am sure his done with his ex(u should no if his willing to get married to u by his attitude) only if u are pretending to keep the relationship


  4. According to her words am sure the guy his done with he’s ex(she’s only pretending she don’t no if he love her or using her cause she can see that from his attitude)only if she’s pretending to keep a dead relationship that.


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