9ja_issues: in love with a jobless bae


I’m a lady of 28years, I really need your candid advice on what to do. I have a boyfriend who’s 30years, we’ve been dating for some time now and there’s been ups and down. One thing I notice about him is that he has non-challant attitude towards me and when I complain about it he always apologizes to me. Continue reading “9ja_issues: in love with a jobless bae”


9ja_issues: Your instincts


I am a lady in my mid 20s. There is this guy I love though. We met during service (NYSC). We started dating, then I found out he has another girlfriend who happens to be someone I knew. I didn’t let that get to me cus I loved him. We were cool, we stay in the same lodge. One day, the other girl came around for weekend and I was around. Continue reading “9ja_issues: Your instincts”