Video: Girl narrates how she was raped in Michika


A Nigerian teenager identified as Christiana, shared her horrific ordeal. She talked about how she was raped by four men in Michika, Adamawa state. According to Christiana, it all happened when she had gone to repair her phone at one of the phone repair centers in Michika. Continue reading “Video: Girl narrates how she was raped in Michika”


9ja Sex Story: The Massage


She opened the door wearing her little black dress. She watched as he walked across the yard and up the porch steps. There was a faint smile on his lips and in his eyes. She knew he could see her silhouette as she stood at the door. He liked what he saw. Continue reading “9ja Sex Story: The Massage”

9ja Sex Story: Chuma’s Dilemma


Chuma lay in the dark and tried to stop his dick from rising. He tried – and failed – to stop his ears hearing his girlfriend Amanda disrobe.  First the tud tud of her cloth-covered buttons as they slid roughly out of the button holes. He could hear it slide over her shoulders, her arms and drop to the floor. Chuma pictured the downy, fair hair on her arms. In even the weakest sunlight, she seemed to be covered by a layer of beach sand. He thought about how that blonde hair lightened, became almost white against her orangey skin in the summer. Continue reading “9ja Sex Story: Chuma’s Dilemma”

Advice needed: He’s Yet To Accept My Apology!


I am desperately in need of an advise. I am in an abusive relationship for four months. We had an issue in may and since then, its been tough. He has refused to forgive and let go. My pastor, brother, his mum everybody yet he still finds it hard to forgive. He looks for every opportunity to humiliate me and make me feel less. Continue reading “Advice needed: He’s Yet To Accept My Apology!”

Advice needed: My Fiance insults me at will


My fiance (31 years) and I (27 years) started since 4 years now and proposed on my birthday last year! I am from a muslim background but along the line, i was saved and became a christian!. My father has refused to bless me because of the religion difference. My fiance and I have prayed and are convinced to be together. But just of a sudden,…
Continue reading “Advice needed: My Fiance insults me at will”

Advice needed: I’m simply confused


I’ve been in a relationship with my ex for about two years, our families were very supportive of our relationship and wanted it to work. It didn’t work out that way so we broke up a few months back and I started dating his friend. I didn’t tell him because I knew he still had feelings for me. He found out eventually and was very supportive. Continue reading “Advice needed: I’m simply confused”

Shocked 65-Year Old Man Sees His Own ‘obituary’ Announcement In Edo


An hotelier, Mr. Clifford Osawaru, got the shock of his life when he got calls from family and friends asking if he was actually dead.

The calls came after posters announcing his death were pasted on some streets in Okunmwun community, Ovia North East local government area of Edo State. Continue reading “Shocked 65-Year Old Man Sees His Own ‘obituary’ Announcement In Edo”



Continuation from ADELEKE’S LOVE STORY extended version part 1

Any form of secret can ruin a relationship but depending on how you reveal your secret, it might just be the saving grace you need to push your relationship further.
It was the secret that Tutu revealed that led to her unexpected marriage with Gbemi, since Gbemi didn’t utter any word to her after she told him what happened she was of the believe that she had lost him that it was a matter of time before he say the word. That why It came as a surprise after Tutu had finished explaining herself to Adeleke and Gbemi spoke in support of her, she wasn’t expecting him to speak at all let allow support her and this was when she began to have hope that he might still be interested in her. Continue reading “ADELEKE’S LOVE STORY EXTENDED VERSION PART TWO”