9ja Sex Story: My Encounter With Catherine (Part 2)


Continuation from part 1

With the 2 of us finally ready for the main thing, Cate was still at the edge of the bed so it wasn’t hard to figure out what my next move would be. She put her legs on my shoulders and I quietly inserted my dick

Her eyes went wide & she looked like she felt a small sharp pain from my penetration, I didn’t bother about that because it felt normal to me.

Cate had a very tight pussy and thrusting in and out wasn’t too easy, so I had to take it slow. Cate kept thrilling me with her incessant moaning and for once, I felt like I had everything under my control.

After several thrusts her pussy became a lot more loose and penetration became easier. I looked at her straight in the eye and started going faster, her well endowed milky breasts followed suit with a rather eye catching vibration. I started getting into the sex and the sex did vice versa.

That position only lasted for 2 minutes +, Cate was desperate to kiss me and I too wanted to kiss her badly so I allowed her call the shots. I laid down on the bed and she sat on my dick. Penetration this time around was easy she went straight for my red lips, I grabbed her her and pushed it up a little so I can thrust while we kiss.

My lips became extremely red & sore from kissing and my dick was so hot because of the sweetened heat from Cate’s pussy. We stopped kissing and Cate was finally ready to ride the dick herself. And ride me she did.

We looked at each other too often and I was always the 1st to break the eye contact. Its a woman’s weapon that makes a man cum faster and I wasn’t ready to. The eye contact definitely brought more sensation & thrill into our little game.

Cate became slow with her up & down thing and I wasn’t really pleased with it so I sat up and kissed her then decided to take control again

This time, I went doggying. I looked at Cate’s fair ass and I couldn’t resist giving her another round of pussy licking. The pussy licking didn’t last for too long because my dick was eager to have another nice time in a pink hole. I held her waist & asked her to grab my dick & insert it by herself.

My dick was in and she was on her knees hands and knees, ready for me. Thrusting was quite easy using this style so I started off with a very fast pace.

Cate would randomly look up to the sky due to the inspiration she gets from my dick of fury. Even I had no control of what was going on, I could feel my body going in & out in its own free will and I could do nothing to stop it.

I could barely see, I could feel nothing but unimaginable pleasure. The pussy is the sweetest thing no doubt. I tried controlling myself but as expected the pussy had the upper hand, there was nothing I could do to control myself anymore.

Finally, the sweetness was getting to its peak and I could feel cum angrily making its way out of my dick, it was about time. Cate’s leg was shaking no doubt. I knew it was time… “Bleh bleh… It finally came out…
Cate looked at me with satisfaction.

But I could barely acknowledge her. It was more like a draw but the fact is she won again I hated losing to women but as a man I had no choice. She had orgasm twice in a single intercourse and I think that’s about enough for one round of sizzling sex!

I am a total gentleman and I find it rude to pour cum all over a lady’s face so I eased it all on the floor. I lost stamina immediately and fell on the bed. Cate sat on me and slept on my chest. We kissed several times before both our bodies finally got tired.


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